Difficulties in the work of a psychologist today

Everything was not so easy, there were difficulties, there are difficulties now, but they are on a different level. Difficulties that I want to share with you today. These difficulties are overcome faster, without any spiritual and material losses. And what is going to happen now will be interesting for you, important and useful in your practice.

It’s interesting that my fellow psychologists and psychotherapists believe what is a fallacy – they say something like this: “here I am, I graduated from the institute, I graduated from the psychology department, I graduated from the medical department, I directly completed a decent specialization after psychiatry, and that makes me all so cool, wonderful, and why do I get paid very little”?

I’ll say, “To get paid, you have to show value.” Value, of course, is not just given, it’s built up over a certain amount of time. So that we can fix it in ourselves. And, accordingly, the value is transmitted through something, broadcasted through something, at least through our well-known “word of mouth”. There is in different niches, different kinds of activities that may not present you the opportunity to be mega-super busy, but the “word of mouth” helps you a lot.

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