Why and who needs psychotherapy?

So, as promised, I decided to cover (to the best of my ability) this topic, which many people are interested in (and more and more lately).

And this is logical, because we seem to be endowed with psyche by nature, and therefore to ignore it (namely our failures and difficulties) would be stupid or somehow inhuman).

For some reason many people confuse the specialties: psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist. Let me clarify here: a psychiatrist and psychotherapist is someone who has a higher medical degree (a doctor, like me, for example).

A psychiatrist treats illnesses (and they tend to be chronic).

A psychotherapist is a doctor who helps with many issues that most (relatively healthy) people have: neuroses that are accompanied by anxiety, panic attacks, manifestations of vegetovascular dystonia (which is essentially a neurotic disorder of the cardiovascular system), psychosomatic disorders (GI disturbances – some colitis, diarrhea/ constipation, peptic ulcers; breathing – shortness of breath, asthma, psychogenic bronchitis; headaches, dermatitis, eczema) and much more!

So, believe me, this is not a complete list, and if you want a good result of the treatment then visiting my colleagues – neurologists, therapists and so on down the list will only delay the course of your illness, but will not lead to a cure, and maybe even aggravate the course, because drugs can also negatively affect the body (those who know me, know that I do not prescribe drugs and am against them).

I can say that all neurotic disorders are gaining “momentum” (I’ve written about this in other posts) – related to general anxiety, tension, increased stress levels in our lives, etc.

The psyche just wasn’t ready for such rapidly changing circumstances and external conditions! Therefore, as we know, where it’s thin, it’s torn!

If we continue the list of things that the psychotherapist can deal with (and here the psychologist/coach is involved), these are problems and difficulties in family (partner) relationships, problems in raising children; change your attitudes and different life scenarios that prevent you from achieving certain results: work, team, boss/subordinate, income level, finding your purpose, career, excellent relationship with your partner.

Also sexual problems (in the competence of psychotherapists, but not all) such as: anorgasmia, dyspareunia (painful feelings in women during penetration), decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.

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