Body-oriented Psychotherapy




What is integrative body-oriented psychotherapy?
And how is it applied in practice?
The peculiarity of body-oriented psychotherapy is in the holistic approach to the person. That is the personality is seen as a whole: Body + Mind + Soul = Personality.

The patient’s body can “tell” you about his problems and character much faster and more than he can tell you himself.

The body remembers everything: all of our feelings, experiences, important events, and negative experiences are imprinted on it from the moment the body appears, when consciousness and conscious memory are still out of the question… Thus, it is possible to work with emotions, relationships, self-acceptance, etc. through the body.

Module 1
Introduction to TOP, introduction to body image and structure.

Module 2
Boundaries and supports in body-oriented psychotherapy, basic methods of work.

Module 3
Child-parent relationships in body-oriented psychotherapy from the embryo to the adult.

Module 4
Working in pairs in CBT. Male-female relations in body-oriented psychotherapy.

Module 5
Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics.

Module 6
Strategies for Pleasure

Module 7
Structural work with the body, organization of individual sessions with the client. Practices of presence. Myofascial work in body therapy.

Suitable for whom
Pedagogues, psychologists, speech therapists, specialists working with somatic problems and the body.

People seeking to significantly improve the quality of their lives.


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